Mymost recent series, Symbiotic Crisis, explores the vulnerability of the honeybee and, in turn, our food sources. The growth of one-third of the crops we eat are supported by pollination from honeybees. This is to include direct consumables such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts and indirectly in the crops that are grown to facilitate the production of meat and dairy products. The role of the honeybee is so integral to crop propagation, bees are transported by trucks to farmlands in need of pollination. Recently, the mysterious vanishing of the bees has been covered in public media. Though studies have been conducted, causes of these bee declines are not yet definitive.

Considering our relationship with the environment and the impact bees have on our food sources, the detailed renderings are drawn on food tins and repurposed materials and are presented inside a box truck. The reductive, yet analytical nature of the graphite drawings are reminiscent of nature studies and botanical drawings of old masters. Though the appearance and quantity of drawings is somewhat mechanized, each one is unique and handmade from collected source materials. The elemental approach in the work reflects simpler methodologies and examines a more direct and intimate relationship with our environment.

The elemental approach in the work reflects simpler methodologies…